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Right Choices Complete Program

Right Choices Complete Program

Right Choices: Social Skills Training Program

Proven-Effective, Evidence-Based, 2-Time DOE Award Winning Program
Social Skills Training Classes/Curriculum on Conflict Resolution, Anti-Bullying and Life Success Skills

Ages: 10-18
Proven to decrease referrals for conflicts that escalated into aggression by 50%
Successfully implemented on over 4000 schools across the nation

Right Choices is the only video-driven Social Skills Training program featuring plug and play DVD Lessons with 150 new activities designed for adolescents. This Department of Education, award-winning, social skills training curriculum & behavior management program includes 34 DVD driven program lessons on: problem solving, listening, apologizing, negotiating, responding to teasing, assertiveness training, using self-control, keeping out of fights, saying no, dealing with peer pressure, and much, much more.

DVD lessons teach, role play, and discuss the skills, while providing life changing insights. Just follow up with included posters, 132 scripted role plays where students create and perform correct behaviors for true transfer of training, reinforcement ticket program, quizzes, pre/post evaluations, and over 100 process activities in the ten most-essential skills areas.
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