To help counselors, teachers and parents learn how to stop bullying, we've assembled a broad collection of award-winning, anti-bullying DVD's, books, games, kits, toys and CD's. To prevent cyber bullying or school bullies, the first defense is knowledge. Browse our products to learn all you can.

Item Image Stepping On Up Series - Set of 4 DVDs

A Four-Part Guidance Series for Upper Elementary Students on Bullying, Cyber-Bullying, Character, and Life Skills, hosted by Michael Pritchard. This research-based series instills the necessary social and emotional skills to successfully navigate the profound challenges and changes of elementary school, middle school and the teen years.

Item Number: 1717A | Unit Price: $499.95

Item Image Real Life Teens: Cyber Bullying - DVD

These programs talk directly to teens by real teens telling their own stories and experiences on a variety of important and current issues. Why do teens cyber-bully, what can be done about it, how it can be stopped, forum and chat room, consequences, website bullying, where to turn for help, internet do's and don'ts. 20 minute DVD.

Item Number: 22425 | Unit Price: $64.95

Item Image Bullying Stops Here - Ball

Teach students about bullying and how they can stop it with statement such as, "Point out the difference between joking and teasing" and "Name a safe way to confront a bully." Inflation size approximately 8 inches. Grade level: 1 & up. Ball is latex free. Ball arrives deflated, pump required.

Item Number: 1015711 | Unit Price: $22.95

Item Image The Assignment: Girls, Cliques, and Cruelty - DVD

Grade level: 5-8. This edgy depiction of a cruel clique instantly draws viewers into the lives of four adolescent girls, as they scheme to humiliate another girl whom they consider unpopular. By enabling the audience to identify with both, the perpetrators and the victim, this program promotes empathy and provides a deeper understanding of bullying behavior.

Item Number: 349963 | Unit Price: $79.95

Item Image Bullying, Teasing and Put-Downs: What Victims Can Do - DVD

Grade level: 4-8. Bullying, Teasing and Put Downs: What Victims Can Do. This fast-paced program highlights real kids talking about what worked and didn't work as they attempted to deal with the effects upon them of bullying, teasing and put-downs.

Item Number: 349825 | Unit Price: $89.95

Item Image PeaceTalks: Dealing With Bullies - DVD

This program deals with bullies and gangs, what to do when you feel afraid, protecting yourself in threatening situations, how to help victims, and making our schools and neighborhoods safer.

Item Number: 349834 | Unit Price: $69.95